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Is Mecatina One Of The Best Salmon Rivers In Eastern Canada?

October 18, 2015 by admin


If you don’t dream about monster salmon over 20 pound, the question above can be easily answered with “YES”.

How do I know?

My wife and I fished the MECATINA between 2009 and 2013 always for a week in late August.This makes five years of experience and a double-digit number of eaten or released salmon.

Our conclusion:

Average catches at the MECATINA are between 4 and 10 pound. But this should not be noticed as a negative fact. The success rate is with one to three salmon per day way over the official statistics for Quebec and even for Labrador. And MECATINA salmon of this size fight really!

We have fished many overcrowded salmon rivers with international reputation without this striking results and we love the MECATINA not only for the success rate and the freedom to choose daily a new river segment without having anybody around you.

There is more:

The owners of the exclusive MECATINA fishing rights, the Bobbitt family, accept only a few guests at the same time and you can be happy if you fit in their opinion of somebody, who is a good fishermen, an easy going guest and ready for a gin after coming back from a long fishing day.

Finally, you can be sure to have daily a few pools for yourself, to catch salmon and sea trout, to have in the evening always nice company, and if you fall a sleep , you may catch in your dreams the monster salmon I couldn’t get the last five years.

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