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  1. Is Mecatina One Of The Best Salmon Rivers In Eastern Canada?

    If you don’t dream about monster salmon over 20 pound, the question above can be easily answered with “YES”. How do I know? My wife and I fished the MECATINA […]

  2. It’s All About The Mecatina

    Offshore Labrador Is Not A Place For The Faint Of Heart. So Judith Bobbitt felt completely in her element when, in 1978, she took her dream job as a physical […]

    Judith Bobbitt
  3. 2016 Was a Great Year!!!

    The 2016 Atlantic salmon fishing season was one of the best ever recorded. With high catch rates and great weather, the Mecatine Team is looking forward to see what 2017 […]

    Fishing Promo

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